Kalari Yoga Workshop in India Hyderabad

The Kalari Yoga Workshop is a unique and exciting project being undertaken by Vyshnavie Natya Centre (VNC) in association with its members. This workshop is constantly held in Hyderabad, India, as a collaboration with the city’s Kalari Yoga Center, and it aims to spread Kalari yoga throughout the city. The Kalari is a centuries-old dance and drama school organized by the famous Kalaripayattu Practitioners.

In this Kalari Yoga Workshop, we will go through some basic asanas and discuss their purpose. This will help you learn the basics of yoga, which will help you further in your yoga journey.

Vyshnavie Natya Centre (VNC) is a not-for-profit organization in Hyderabad, India promotes Kalari art, a traditional old classical dance form, through Kalari Yoga. VNC provides Kalari Yoga workshops at various locations in the city and even abroad. VNC’s Kalari Yoga is intended for both beginners and intermediate individuals. It is a dynamic, exciting, and very rewarding system, which can be learned by anyone.

Our practitioners and trainers are excited to look forward to opening a Kalari yoga studio in Hyderabad, known as Kalari Yoga Workshop. We have been leading classes at VNC for years and have seen the positive impact they have had on the lives of hundreds of students in the city. With your support to make this dream a reality.

At VNC Artha, students are trained in the Kalari system of classical Indian dance, and they participate in arts-themed training in music, acting, acting and dance, martial arts, and the Kalari sport of archery.

Kalari Yoga Workshop in India

Kalari Yoga is an ancient Indian form of yoga, based on the principles of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It focuses on the system that is responsible for the quality of your life. It is a complete package, consisting of a microcosm, macrocosm, and psychosomatic system. The microcosm is your physical body; the macrocosm is your emotional, mental, and psychosomatic system; and the psychosomatic is your spiritual system. Through the proper alignment of your body, mind, and spirit, your physical, emotional, and mental systems will be at the optimum level, leading to a healthy body, mind, and spirit, which is what we call ‘balance’ of the body system.

It is a privilege to introduce you to a wonderful city. We have experienced yoga instructors, and our center has led Yoga workshops across India and other parts of the world – the journey is a wonderful one. Our incline towards traditional Indian culture is mesmerizing. There is purity and honesty that we feel from practicing Kalari Yoga. We aim to introduce this to as many people as we can and inspire people to live healthier lives and do good for the world.

As VNC Artha, we are rooted in classical Indian dance, and we are now offering a new and very special experience: a workshop in a village style Kalari yoga. This is a special yoga approach that has been woven into our culture for centuries, and it is performed in a very traditional manner.

Kalari Yoga is a beautiful form of yoga that is taught traditionally. If you are interested in learning about Kalari Yoga, check out this on our website for more information on classes and workshops that are happening all over India.

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