Kalaripayattu is an ancient Indian martial arts form. In fusion with yoga, we bring to you kalari yoga to enable the learner with skills of both the art forms. It is a dynamic form of yoga which caters to all the needs for getting out cent percent of each individual.

Direct benefits

Indirect benefits

Kalariyoga classes are one-of-a-kind classes where the classes are designed for:

-all fitness levels

-all age groups

-any gender

We believe starting everyday as a fresh and an energetic day and hence our classes are designed to having new and exciting things each day breaking the monotony of the workout and using all the muscles of the body.

Bharatanatyam - Online

We like to reach out to everyone without allowing geographic distance to be a barrier. In our online classes, you will find it as efficient as offline classes. Typical to online classes, it is customized for learners at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. You can see our passion for the art in our efforts in paying attention to each individual for independent and symbiotic growth in the class. The teachers are highly qualified to impart practical and theoretical lessons that add on to the skill asset of the learner.

A holistic learning program that includes knowledge on the origin, history, traditional techniques and their creative adaptations, development of the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, social and cultural aspects of the dance form.

Course Content:

Bharatanatyam - Offline

Learning directly under the tutelage of a Guru is undoubtedly the most superior form of knowledge and wisdom gaining. We welcome all students who are interested and sincere to learn in our studios in Hyderabad straight from the board of directors of Vyshanvie Natya Center. Classes will be held directly under the legendary Guru Dr. Rajeswari Sainath. This mode of learning allows to gain sound knowledge and good honing of skills to make a mark in this field.

Irrespective of the mode of learning and the art form for students learning in VNC we provide:

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