Advanced yoga training in Hyderabad

Yoga is an art, science, and philosophy that has a lot to offer, but it’s also a challenging discipline that requires focus and attention. To become a master of yoga, you need to learn different techniques, and practice various asanas, which may be difficult for you during the initial sessions. To help you improve your yoga skills, VNC Artha has designed Advanced Yoga Training sessions for you to explore the best start of yoga.

Advanced Yoga Course

Yoga is a simple, enjoyable, and fulfilling way to improve health and well-being and improve your fitness. This course is designed for the serious practitioner who has already learned the basics of Hatha Yoga and is ready to develop the ability to learn from intermediate to advanced yoga techniques. This course will focus on teaching the following courses:
  • Surya Namaskara – daily routine
  • Advanced Asanas
    You can practice these advanced asanas with 12 advanced postures. Getting a deeper understanding of yoga that would be more challenging such as holding a breath for a longer time. You can practice them (asanas) instead of the standard ones, without any extra effort.
  • Pranayama
    During pranayama sessions, you will be mastering with goals of pranayamas that includes the timing of holding breath, learning to connect body and mind, and applying different bandhas and kapalabhati. Overall, it helps in various aspects of physiological benefits.
  • Vedantas
    The essence of vedantas is based on attaining the divine spiritual goals that help in limiting the stress, identifying the predominant doshas and developing positivity. You will also be taught of learning mediation techniques.
  • Raja Yoga
    This kind of yoga helps in studying in-depth yoga sutras, learning the techniques of controlling the mind, building self-confidence, and developing self-discipline values.
  • Bhakti Yoga
    Learn to lead a path of spiritual life, types of bhakti yoga, and attitudes of devotion.
  • Kirtan (Mantra Chanting)
    Chanting mantras will have positive vibes on the emotions. You will be learning the language of classic Sanskrit to chant mantras.

Yoga Training Program in Hyderabad

Yoga is a form of exercise that stimulates the mind, connects us to humanity, and offers us a variety of benefits. It helps us develop strength and flexibility, corrects our posture, promotes a healthy mind and body, and helps us achieve inner peace and balance. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and is recognized as an effective form of exercise for wellness, relaxation, and improving quality of life.

The idea of advanced yoga training is to increase your ability to perform advanced yoga poses by practicing daily with a qualified instructor. This may sound like overkill to many of you, but it is not. It is a useful way to improve a key aspect of your yoga practice and, accordingly, your overall yoga experience.

Yoga Training Program in Hyderabad at VNC Artha will provide a course of varied methods of breathing techniques, different practices of asanas, and training to maintain spiritual balance.

Take a yoga training program that helps you to reach your full potential being wellness and achieve calmness.

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