Kalari Studio Hyderabad Online

The term “Kalari” is widely known as traditional Indian martial art training with associated with yoga, gymnasium, and martial arts dance but has now been revived and is being practiced for a very long time in India.

An initiative to start the Kalari Studio came from Dr. Vyshnavie Sainath to form the Kalari Online Studio Hyderabad, the first of its kind in India. Many students are trained at the Vyshnavie Natya Centre in Hyderabad and are one of the pioneers of the Kalari tradition – the oldest and most traditional form of yoga and martial arts dance in India.

Our Kalari studio Hyderabad Online has taught various students from different parts of the world. We engage with students to through live classes, students from all time zones are can enrolled virtually, and enhance their journey of developing Kalari skills.

What you will learn?

  • learn ancient martial arts, yoga, and gymnasium from India
  • helps to build confidence, strength, control, and flexibility
  • develops your mental strength and discipline
  • Kalari Studio is a place where you can find the best trainers
  • all ages and both men and women can enroll this training program

Kalari Online Studio

VNC Artha is an innovative way of approach to deliver different forms of skills. Through online studio, students can participate and connect with the trainers to learn many options of movements and perform art. Online studio for Kalari is a hub for many beginners and advanced learners to practice various exercise. VNC Artha is an organization that works in the digital and traditional spaces, bringing together artists who share a passion for art, technology, and exploration.

Here at Vyshnavie Natya Centre, we believe in the power of the arts to foster excellence. Our students are trained to express themselves through the arts with an aim for the future of performing arts. We take this unique opportunity and offer students to train them regularly in a professional way so that they are tuned to nurture their abilities.

  • innovative concept of learning Kalari
  • pathway to progressive step
  • enlightening new possibilities
  • Kalari Studio opens the doors to the world

Vyshnavie Natya Centre (VNC) is a renowned name in the world of classical dance. VNC wants has marked itself as a dedicated platform where the world can witness the greatness of classical dance, yoga, exercise, art, etc. You will be excited to learn from our great masters, the lovers of Kalari exercises from our Kalari Studio Hyderabad. Hence, to spread the culture of dance, VNC has taken up a project called Kalari which is a way of life to promote dance that reaps abundant benefits.

VNC Artha is the next level of milestone at the Vyshnavie Natya Centre. Kalari Studio is the home of kalaripayattu. It teaches kalaripayattu from the basics and provides a platform for the growth of the physical, mental, and spiritual self.

Experience the world of classical dance that focus on making a rigorous artistic movement from our trainers only at VNC Artha – Kalari Online Studio.

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